Thursday, 7 April 2011

What's in a name? More than you think sometimes!

What's in a name? More than you think sometimes!

When I first started out the HappyBerry brand it was actually meant to be called NannyBerry. A name I think I will always be fond of. It is actually a fruit but its quirky name I felt was a happy nanny character which went well with the baby and children brand I was looking to create.

Sadly, even though I had checked the domain name was available, it had been snapped up before I had a chance to design the brand. Rather than pay a greedy domain name grabber I decided to take the sad decision to think of another name and the Happy Berry brand was born. A similar fun name!

The fun story doesnt end there though. Even though I have been a fan of Japanese culture for many years and have spent time over in the Far East I later discoved that Happy Berry is in fact a fictional fashion brand in a Japanese comic series! How exciting I thought and what a coincidence !! Just as adorable too.

Neighborhood Story is a manga by Ai Yazawa. It was published by Shueisha from 1995 to 1998 in the magazine Ribon and went on to become a movie in 1996, as well as a drama CD and soundtrack.

So what is it about, well, Mikako Kōda and Tsutomu Yamaguchi are two students that attend Yazawa Geijyutsu Gakuen, a special high school for the arts in Tokyo (named after the author, who makes a cameo appearance as the school's principal) and reside in the same apartment building as neighbors where they have built a long-standing friendship since infancy. Mikako Kōda is driven by her dream of becoming a fashion designer and having all the stores sell her handiwork under the brand name "Happy Berry", Mikako is at her most conspicuous when she is inspired or in a stormy mood for one reason or another!

So there you go, what's in a name? Sometimes something much more than you think and maybe what can seem a negative at first can turn out to be so much more exciting and happy!! (^-^)

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