Friday, 17 June 2011

Beautiful works by crocheters using our patterns!

I have often been stunned by the amazing talents of HappyBerry crocheters from around the world and I wanted to showcase some of their work here which they have shared on Ravelry.

I am often so delighted to see their beautiful creations and wonderful ideas and additions, colours used. I hope these photos too inspire you to try out some of our patterns too! Happy crocheting everyone!!

Image Copyright ©smm99 on
I was so delighted when I saw the work by this crocheter. Sadly she doesn't say much about who she is but her work is truly stunning. This beautiful take on our Baby Sun Hat and Sandals are just gorgeous with their bright white and orange colours. I just love them!

Image Copyright ©sandrella on
I love these Baby FlipFlops by crocheter sandrella (username) who is from Serbia! Her addition of a sea anemone instead of the original flower I think works even better adding a wonderful touch of vibrant colour. A very talented young lady indeed.

Illori's Baby Cloche Sun Hat

Now I didn't want to post a copy of this ladies photo because of the personal element but I still wanted to mention her work from our pattern Baby Cloche Sun Hat. This adorable variation is just perfect for boys with its upturned brim and masculine colours it really does make this little boy look pretty cool and it goes to show that any of our patterns can be easily adapted for boys! Check out her work here:

Image Copyright ©Asjav on

These beautiful tulips from our Spring Tulips pattern were crocheted by the very talented Asjav (username) from Russia. I think these are a wonderful addition to any vase! don't you?!

Image Copyright ©ColoradoMom on
This is just one of the many Kokeshi Dolls crocheted by our crocheters on Ravelry but this one is still very much my favourite and to be honest I think goes above and beyond the original design! This Hello Kitty styled Kokeshi Doll is the work of the very talented ColoradoMom (username) from Colorado in America. Her profile reads that she is very modest about her talent but I think she is just one amazing lady!

Image Copyright ©socalsnow on
I've mentioned this chap's work before but I want to add his work to this blog post as well because these trainers are a truly stunning version of our Baby Boy Trainers pattern. Reduced in size these little booties measure only 2inches and were made for a little baby boy who sadly died at only 22 weeks. I was touched by his story that I feel so honoured he chose a HappyBerry pattern. Socalsnow is from California in America.

And that's it folks. I think with all this wonderful work I may have to start to think about a competition! I hope by sharing the work of these very talented crocheters that it inspires you to get those hooks out and give our patterns a try!

Happy crocheting folks!!

All of the patterns mentioned here can be found on our Facebook page or on Just search for HappyBerry!!

Laura Eccleston @HappyBerry

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