Wednesday, 29 June 2011

*Simple Designs* - Crocheted Balls

Crocheted balls are used in these dolls heads but also variations of the ball pattern is used in their bodies and their hair too.
Sometimes just having a simple crochet pattern available to hand can be so useful and this is why I want to post a really quick and simple pattern for a crocheted ball which can be worked up into amigurumi dolls and other toys, used in pompoms or necklaces, imagination is your only limitation!

So here it is, a simple crochet ball pattern.

1. Crochet 10sc into a magic circle, pull to tighten, sl st to join (10)
2. 2sc in ea st around (20)
3. [1sc in next st, 2sc in next st] repeat until end (30)
4-8. 1sc in ea st around (30)
9. [1sc in next st, sc2tog] repeat until end (20)
10. [sc2tog] repeat until end (10)
11. [sc2tog] repeat until closed, sew up any remaining gaps with remaining thread.

Enjoy and share your work on our Facebook group.

© HappyBerry This pattern can not be reproduced in any way without credit given to HappyBerry. This includes copying and pasting into another blog or website, and filming the pattern for use on YouTube. You can however print it off for personal use or for use in a crochet group. Thank you.

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