Sunday, 14 July 2013

How To - Crochet a small Butterfly

This fun little project can be made up in minutes and will surely delight any fan of butterflies.

Great to add to hats or bag, baby shoes but even better, why not make lots and make them into a children's mobile!

You can watch my video tutorial on how to make these below.

You will need

  • 2 types of yarn colours in DK/Light worsted weight yarn but you can use any yarn you like.
  • 2.5mm crochet hook or any hook that is suitable for the yarn you are using.
  • Scissors and a yarn needle.

The magic circle is better for this project but you can make a loop with chains if you prefer. Just make sure you chain enough to form a loop big enough to accommodate all the stitches on the first round as there are 24. You can watch my tutorial on the magic circle here if you like:

Round 1
In white work 1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 3tr, 1dc, 1hdc, 1sc, 2dc, 1sc, 1sc, 2dc, 1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 3tr, 1dc, 1hdc, 1sc into a magic circle, pull to tighten - (24)

Round 2
Join your alternative colour in next st with 1sc, 1sc in next st, 2sc in next 4 sts, 1sc in next st, sl st in next 2 sts, 1sc in next st, 2dc in next st, sl st in next 3 sts, 2dc in next st, 1sc in next st, sl st in next st, 1sc in next st, 2sc in next 4 sts, 1sc in last 2 sts.

Sl st into centre of butterfly and pull yarn up to form a loop. Fasten off and tie alternative coloured yarn ends into a knot, to fix loop into place. Tie in all your tails. Cut loop to form your butterfly's antenna. Knot antenna again to fix into place and now you're done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. For more crochet pattern fun then please pop by my website here:

© HappyBerry This pattern can not be reproduced in any way without credit given to HappyBerry. This includes copying and pasting into another blog or website, and filming the pattern for use on YouTube. You can however print it off for personal use or for use in a crochet group. Thank you.

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