Sunday, 1 November 2015

Biggest UK Crochet and Craft YouTube Channel

Me, your host, Laura Eccleston at +HappyBerry Crochet 
Stats as of 1st November 2015.

Most of the time I don't pay attention to stats, but as I'm on track to hit 200,000 YouTube subscribers by the end of the year, with 181,000+ as of today, it's hard not to be astonished at the sheer size of my audience, and perhaps a little daunted!

It has also come to my attention (courtesy of my husband who does enjoy stats) that I may, just may, now be the biggest British crochet YouTuber, and possibly the biggest UK craft channel? What is this craziness??

I even have more subscribers than British Vogue, which let's face it, is pretty awesome!

And I only really started sharing tutorials in 2011, so I think that means I may also be the fastest growing crafty channel too!

Of course it is only thanks to you guys.

So as we near the end of 2015, I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. Thank you for all your ongoing support, kind words, donations and messages. You help keep me motivated, inspired and of course designing! I will soon be recording my annual vlog talking about everything that has happened this year and what we can look forward to in 2016, so do look out for that.

In the meantime, let's check out some other awesome craft and crochet channels from around the British countryside, starting with the beautiful Sarah-Jayne, a fellow British crochet designer and her channel. I hope you enjoy.

Bella Coco - British Youtuber - 87,000+ subs
"My name is Sarah-Jayne, I make videos on the things I am passionate about- Life, Beauty, crafts, crochet. I upload a new video every Sunday so make sure you check back! :)"

The Crafts Channel - British Channel - 66,000+ subs
"Welcome to The Crafts Channel, your online masterclass for crafting techniques. We have dozens of video demonstrations that are jam-packed with ideas and inspiration for you to try - all from the comfort of your own home! From wire work to felting, paper sculpting and polymer clay, we've got it covered."

Pootles Paper Craft - British Channel - 40,000+ subs
"Stampin' Up! UK Independent Demonstrator Sam Donald"

Red Ted Art - British Channel - 31,000+ subs
"We share easy, do-able, fun and colourful craft ideas for all ages.  Craft with nature. Craft with recycled items. Crafts for all seasons. Crafts for all ages. Something for everyone. Learn a new skill. Practice your basic sewing. Learn to knit. Learn to weave. Take a peak and explore what we have in store for you. New videos every Monday and Thursday. "

Wool and the Gang - British Channel - 16,000+ subs
"Ever wanted to learn how to knit? Want to jump on the crochet trend? WATG are here to offer you the latest tutorials for on trend styles and techniques. From beginner's how to's to expert knitting techniques, we're here to help you become part of the gang. Wool And The Gang is a do it yourself and ready to wear fashion brand for women, men, kids and babies. Our do-it-yourself kits contain everything you need to get started with knitting. The ready-to-wear pieces are unique, they have been hand knitted by wonderful artisans in Peru."

If you know of any other awesome and even bigger UK crafting channels then I would love to hear about them! Or if you are just starting out a channel too, then why not let me know in the comments below so I can check out your work and maybe I can feature you too!

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  1. You're channel is amazing! It's because you of that I learned how to crochet. I decided just this past Feb to learn how to crochet. I went on to YT to find some tutorials to help me and your channel was the first to come up in my search. Now only 9 months later, there is practically nothing that I can not crochet. I have made so many things! From Amigrumi (30 of them now) to creating a very lovely afghan with using your tutorial on how to crochet your Vintage Granny Squares, and los of stuff in between. Thank you for taking the time to create these wonderful videos and sharing them with so many of us.

    1. Oh thank you so much for your kind message Genevieve, I'm so happy that you are enjoying my channel (^-^)

  2. you are excellent at teaching crocheters how to do an item.i love you videos and i have been crocheting for a long time.please keep up the good work.thank you for your lovely patterns

    1. Aww thank you so much for your kind feedback! It is very much appreciated. (^-^)

  3. Fantastic Laura your family must be so proud of you, i want to thank you for the tutorials they have helped me so much I still have lot's to learn but enjoying every moment. I like the fact we can see over your shoulder when you are crocheting which for me makes it so easy to follow you.
    best wishes

    1. Oh you are more than welcome Julie, I am so happy that you enjoy my tutorials (^-^)

  4. Wolly wonders crochet is another awesome YouTube channel. I love your YouTube channel and I've made quite a few of your projects! Looking forward to future ones