Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Crochet Road Play Mat CAL

It's been nearly a year since I launched my Crochet Road Play Mat CAL (crochet-a-long) and since then I have been amazed by some of the creations that have come alive from you guys!

Launched last year in April 2015, the initial Road Play Mat CAL made up of differently designed crocheted squares, consisted of a few basic patterns to get you started, including road pieces, railway pieces, farm squares including a vegetable patch as well as ponds and trees, even cars and animals! Since then though the Road Play Mat CAL has taken on a life of it's own, and has included additional designs, not only from myself such as a beach complete with boats and little beach huts to a huge roundabout with car parks, but also you wonderful crocheters have gotten your design mojo on and produced some amazing additional pieces such as houses, bridges, complete fairy-tale worlds to even an intricately detailed petrol/gas station!

You guys have inspired me! and you definitely have some amazing patience for detail (^-^)

But it's not over, more additional designs will be coming soon from myself. In the meantime why not check out some of the beautiful creations from the crochet-a-longers themselves, kindly shared from the dedicated HappyBerry Facebook CAL group, which you can find here:

This beautiful Play Mat was created by the very talented Michelle Eckert, which includes some wonderful additional designs of her own such as the awesome beach design, airport strip, bridge and some clever ideas for various landmarks and houses!

The sheer size is also so impressive. Much love and patience has gone into this mat and I am hugely impressed.

I love this mat by crocheter Marietjie Wagner, who has not only designed some clever house designs and landmarks too, but she has also added a beautiful personalised trim for someone special.

I love the detail and different areas a little ones imagination can lose themselves in, and I especially love her tractor addition! I must design one for you guys too.

Again such patience with a huge mat! There really are some lucky children out there. (^-^)

This mat was crocheted by Bettina Andersen and I love its super symmetrical design.

This mat includes a lot of the original pieces such as the roundabout and the farm fields, and I am so glad she has also added in some of  my loop stitch grass squares!

A beautiful mat with so much texture, and delightfully finished with a neat trim. I also love the different green tones around the roundabout! What a wonderful effect for added interest.
This beautiful mat to your right is the work of Judy Goodchild and I absolutely adore her scarecrow addition! What a lovely idea for her farmer's field, along with what I think is a traffic light too.

I'm glad to see she has also attempted my tricky vegetable patch design and done a great job too! But I have to say I adore the additional playground. Such a cute idea and it works so well.

Kelly Zuercher from KellzBellzCreations is the crocheter behind this next mat, and I love her focus on the railway line, which runs all the way around. A great way to finish a mat, and such patience with that loop stitch trim for long grass, a clever adaption of the loop grass square, which works so well.

Some awesome additional tree designs in this mat too such as her loop stitch tree and palm tree!

And these are just a few of the amazing creations that have been shared. If you would like to have a go yourself then you can check out my free crochet patterns here to get your inspiration flowing:

Emma Lennon
Here are a few more amazing mats that have been kindly shared with me for this blog article, crocheted by some amazingly talented crocheters in the group!

Cassondra Lynn Hill

Thank you to everyone who has shared and followed on with this CAL. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed designing it. Happy crocheting!

Celeste Thrower
Alice Bryant
Chiara Gianangeli

Laura Milne-Young

Kathie Boatman
Gail Morrison Curley
Melissa Martineau

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  1. All the beautiful road play mats are a compliment for your designs and patterns.
    Great to see them together.

    Have a nice day, Margaret