Friday, 18 February 2011

Online wool and yarn retailers in the UK

Since becoming a crocheter in the UK I have discovered that one of the biggest disadvantages I face as a Brit is finding decent online retailers of wools and yarns.

One of the best US retailers I have discovered is by far Lion Brand Yarn who do export to the UK but what if you want to buy locally? Where do you start? Well here are a couple of retailers we have found over the last few months which excel not only in their selections of yarns but also in their prompt delivery times and customer support.

Deramores is by far one of the best online retailers today with their user friendly website, choice, a good choice of inexpensive yarns and customer support which can clearly be seen with their online customer feedback. The only sad point is their lack of SEO with Google as it took me longer to discover them!

It wasn’t until I was searching for Alpaca wool, which they seem to be one of the few that do supply this type of wool in the UK online, did I find them. They have a great selection of clearance and low costs yarns; they also supply super chunky and fashion yarns as well as patterns and needles and other various accessories.

They also have free delivery when you spend over £15, which, lets face, is easy to do! Id also like to mention how pleased I was with their after sales care, as they popped me an email just to make sure I was happy with my order. You can't get better than that!

Pop them a visit here:

Our second online retailer is Kemps Wool Shop. Although their website is rather dated and doesn’t look very appetising they do have a good selection of yarns and seem to be one of the few that supply sparkly Lurex wool. Their prices are low, delivery times quick and have never disappointed so far!

You can visit them here:

If you yourself would like to recommend an online yarn retailer then leave us a comment! We'd love to know who you buy from and why whether you're in the UK, US or wherever. Happy crocheting!