Sunday, 28 August 2011

Crochet Cowl Scarf Pattern

Crochet Cowl Scarf Pattern

Don't miss this gorgeously scrumptous cowl pattern by HappyBerry Crochet.

This cowl is made from a luxurious blend of Baby Alpaca and merino wool and is made using a brand new technology which creates the ultimate “bulk without weight“ making it perfect for this cowl snood.

Quick and easy to work up you will be wanting the winter months to hurry up so you can wear this gorgeously soft snuggly cowl!

This pattern is in US terminology and is available for free on our Facebook page so do join us and reap the rewards!

I shall also be selling these cowls shortly on my Etsy store here so do pop by and keep an eye out!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Vintage Crochet Styles

As a big fan of everything vintage, especially as the women in my ancestry were all dress makers and milleners, I was enthralled to see these adorable photos of some vintage crocheted works via nancy oram.

Do check out this blog piece of some stunning vintage crocheted designs!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Free Flower Applique Crochet Pattern by HappyBerry

Well, at HappyBerry we had a free five minutes and thought what crochet gorgeousness could we whip up and share with you in just a few minutes? and thus this little pretty flower came about, just perfect as an applique on a hat or bag. We'll let you decide!

You will need:

G 4.0mm Hook and any DK yarn, we chose some DK cotton yarn in 2 shades of blue and some green and white.

1. In white crochet 8sc into a magic circle, pull to tighten, sl st to join (8)
2. 2sc in ea st around, sl st to fasten off (16)
3. Join your dark blue yarn with a sc in a front loop of your last round then crochet 1dc into the same st, 1dc and 1sc in the next st, repeat this method around until you have 8 petals by crocheting [1sc, 1dc in next st, 1dc, 1sc in next st] Sl st in 1st st to fasten off.
4. Now join your light blue yarn in a back loop of step 2 (the white) with a sc and crochet 1dc, 1tr in the same st, 1tr, 1dc, 1sc in the next st, repeat this method until you have 8 petals by crocheting [1sc, 1dc, 1tr in next st, 1tr, 1dc, 1sc in next st] sl st in 1st st to fasten off.
5. Now you want to create some leaves so get your green yarn and ch11, 1sc in 2nd st from hook, 1hdc in next st, 1dc in the next 2 sts, 1tr in the next 2 sts, 1dc in the next 2 sts, 1hdc in next st, 1sc in last st (10).
6. Turn your work clockwise and crochet into the foundation row's chain spaces with 1sc in the first ch sp, 1hdc in the next ch sp, 1dc in the next 2 ch sps, 1tr in the next 2 ch sps, 1dc in the next 2 ch sps, 1hdc in the next ch sp, 1sc in the last ch sp. Fasten off and sew onto your flower underneath, hide your tails. Make another leaf if desired for added beauty.

Have Crocheting !!

© HappyBerry This pattern can not be reproduced in any way without credit given to HappyBerry. This includes copying and pasting into another blog or website, and filming the pattern for use on YouTube. You can however print it off for personal use or for use in a crochet group. Thank you.