Thursday, 8 September 2011

Continuing to raise money for Japan

As the world slowly begins to forget the terrible tradegy that hit Japan earlier this year the disaster is still very much fresh in the minds of the Japanese. Even more so after the recent typhoons that have left 54 dead in Western Japan.

HappyBerry is still continuing to raise money to Global Giving projects and has raised another $25 from recent sales of the Kokeshi Doll pattern which can be downloaded here: Download Now for the NGO project AAR JAPAN who are responding to the devastating earthquake and tsunami by distributing food and basic goods, as well as providing mobile medical services, repairing institutions which serve the elderly and people with disabilities, and providing long-term socio-psychological assistance to displaced people.

AAR in particular focuses on the elderly and those with disabilities because of their extreme vulnerability during and after these disasters - over 65% of those killed in Tohoku were over 60.

We hope to also be designing some new Japanese themed crocheted patterns in the coming months to help aid these wonderful projects that are doing so much to help our friends in Japan.

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