Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Is crochet a form of meditation?

It may just be my Mad Hatter's ramble but I was just thinking to myself, is crochet a form of meditation do you think?

Ok, so most of the time we crocheters spend our time going over and over stitch counts, working out really badly written patterns (hopefully mine not included) and wondering why no matter how hard you try you still seem to have one stitch too many or one too short, but what about the other times? The times where we are monotonously repeating the same stich over and over again, to the point where our monkey minds wander onto bizarre thoughts.

I often find my mind drifting in an almost trance state and coming across really odd thoughts, thoughts about an old work place or an old friend who I havent spoken to in years or that funny time like when I was caught short out on a walk in the forest.... What on earth made my mind think about that occasion? Maybe I am truely a Mad Hatter and my rabbit mind just jumped down a rabbit hole...

Then I realise that my breathing is restful and I am in a calm state of being, even sleepy, in fact I could probably fall asleep right now if it wasnt for the fact that the mere thought of doing so would make me become one of those old biddies who fall asleep whilst knitting. I'm not that old yet am I?

So is crochet a form of meditation? I know one thing, and thats it's one of the very few, if only, repetitive tasks that I do that doesn't make me repeat the action over and over in my head as soon as my eyes close, not like when I've wasted eight hours of my life playing the SIMS. I often wonder if the green diamond will be permantly embedding in my mind after too much gaming.

At least one thing has come from my Mad Hatter thoughts and that is this blog post. I wonder if other crocheters feel the same? My mind is off again...

Now what stitch was I at?...


  1. yes! It is absolutely a form of therapy, meditation, relaxation and so much more! In my crazy busy life with 3 little boys, crocheting is my sanity!!! Love the post! Great minds think alike!! <3<3<3 Melanie

  2. This is so true, almost every time I sit down to stitch on a project I find myself in that comfortable state on the brink of falling asleep! I have 2 kids, I with Asperger's and crochet is my therapy!!

    1. Crochet is truly a great gift for us all. I am so happy it brings you peace and therapy. Thank you for your great comment (^-^)