Thursday, 25 October 2012

How can I avoid starting my crochet project with chain stitches?

"I'm bored of starting my project with chain stitches" is a phase I have heard a few times and have thought myself many times but in fact there are a few ways of starting a new crochet project without having to chain stitches which I will share a couple of with you now.

These suggestions are based on, say, making a baby blanket or a scarf, so flat square projects rather than working in the round say for a hat.

So my first suggestion to avoid chaining is to try a double crochet foundation stitch. This is a great way to start a project if working in double crochet stitches throughout your pattern (US terminology). This technique avoids having that slightly harder edge caused by chain stitches and means you can get straight into your double crochet pattern with a nice soft edge that will also be the correct size.

I say correct size because sometimes when you chain to start and then work double crochet stitches into the chains your project can increase in size a little or become looser which is frustrating when you want to use exact measurements. There is nothing worse than measuring out your chains to the length you need, you then work your double crochet stitches into your chains and your project has increased in length. So this technique avoids that problem.

My second choice is using the Half Knot foundation stitch, a truely unique way to start a project. You can either then work a second row of over-sized single crochet stitches to then begin your pattern on the third row or you can just repeat the Half Knot stitches on your second row. I will do another video in time on how to do this exactly. This is just a quick demo of the foundation Half Knot stitches.
So I hope that has inspired you to start your crochet projects in a different way to the standard chain stitch. Happy crocheting!
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