Saturday, 15 June 2013

A powerful image - Crocheters from around the world

The above image, I feel, is a very powerful image. It may just be a map of the world but this image was taken from my Google Analytics account just this morning and shows the visitors to my crochet and knitting website in the last year, from May 2012 to end of May 2013.

This map details that people from virtually 90% of the world have at some point popped by my website. To me that is a wonderful compliment of course but to me it tells a bigger story.

A story of just normal people who have the same interests, same desires, same family values as all of us, regardless of where they live in the world, regardless of what they look like, their beliefs, their history, regardless of what others think of them.

These people love to crochet, are women who love to craft and make items for their children, their newborn babies to show their love and creativity, people who love to make home-made items to give to their friends and loved ones. People just like you and me.

This map shows that people from war torn Syria love to crochet, people from ravaged Iraq love to crochet, even people from remote parts of the world like Mongolia and Greenland. Their faces don't matter, their govenments don't matter, their histories don't matter when it comes to crochet.

We are all just crocheting that one stitch at a time, sharing the united world love of craft and of crochet.

To me, that is best image I received from Google this morning.


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  1. I saw my country, Philippines! your works are great so its no doubt that your blog will be known...
    Keep up the good work. ♥