Friday, 31 January 2014

Forget-Me-Not Yarn Scrap Fridays - Chinese New Year (Sea)Horse 新年快乐

新年快乐 Happy Chinese New Year everyone (^-^) and welcome to my second Forget-me-not yarn scrap Friday where today I thought I would do something a little different and in tune with Chinese New Year and the year of the Horse.

However I thought just crocheting a horse may be a little too ambitious to cover in a short YouTube video and blog post (video coming later today) so I thought I would try a Seahorse! The horse of the sea as I adore Seahorses.

This small applique is just perfect for anyone who loves seahorses but you can also use them as appliques on hats or cushions, or perhaps make lots in different colours for a babies mobile.

You will need;

- 2 different coloured yarns, I chose 100% cotton DK/light worsted weight yarn
- A 2.5mm crochet hook or any hook that is suitable for the yarn you are using
- Yarn needle and scissors

W = white
AC = alternate colour

Step 1
Using W crochet 10dc into a magic circle, pull to tighten, sl st to join - (10)

Alternatively you can ch4, sl st in ch1 to form a loop and crochet 10dc into your loop.

Step 2
Ch6, 1dc in 2nd st from hook, 1sc in next 4 sts, sl st in next st on main circle (which we will now call the head), 1sl st in next 3 sts, [1sc, 1hdc] in next st, [1dc, 1hdc] in next st, 1sc in next 2 sts, sl st in next st

Step 3
Join AC with a ch1 (don't count as st), TURN, sk sl st, *1sc in next st, ch3, sl st in same st as sc below chs* repeat from * to * another 4 times, 1sc in next st, ch29

Step 4
sc2tog starting in 2nd st from hook and joining W when pulling through last 3 loops. sc2tog another 6 times along your chains, hdc2tog, dc2tog, 2dc in next st, 1dc in next 6 sts, dc2tog, 1sc in next st, sl st in last st, sl st in next st on head to join

Step 5
TURN, sk sl st, 1sc in next st (the sc from last row), 1hdc in next st, 1dc in next 2 sts, 2dc in next st, 1dc in next st, 1hdc in next 2 sts, 1sc in next st, sl st in next st

Step 6
TURN, sk sl st, sl st in next 3 sts, 1sc in next 4 sts, sl st in next 3 sts, sl st in next st on head, sl st in next st (on head), fasten off and tie in all tails.

Step 7
Take a short length of AC and tie 2 knots in centre, sew one end into centre of head (the loop you created at the beginning) but just to one side of the centre hole, sew other end into head just to one side of the centre hole, tie a double knot on the back and sew in ends by sewing through the stitches to the picot edges and hiding your tails in the same coloured yarn in the picots.

And now you're done! (^-^) Have fun and happy crocheting. Any questions just pop by my Facebook page at 

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Happy crafting folks!

© HappyBerry This pattern can not be reproduced in any way without credit given to HappyBerry. This includes copying and pasting into another blog or website, and filming the pattern for use on YouTube. You can however print it off for personal use or for use in a crochet group. Thank you.


  1. Hello there,

    This is very impressive...!! I love your color co-ordination.. and this is surely a beautiful blog!!... Following you in Google+ as well now:)

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  3. Thank you very much, Laura!! Your seahorse is just wonderful, I'll make some of different colours for my grandchildren and use them as a baby mobile

  4. Very cute Love the sea horses.I have made sea shells before and put them on a beach bag ,This will be really cute too!

  5. Thank you for this video and pattern. I love seahorses and will enjoy making them. Your video is very easy to follow and well explained. :-)