Saturday, 18 January 2014

How To Crochet a Simple Flower for Absolute Beginners

When I first learnt to crochet I remember the one thing I enjoyed crocheting the most was flowers.

They are great fun to do by themselves but you can also add them to so many other projects, such as appliqués on hats. You could also make lots of them and turn them into some gorgeous bunting or a pretty headband for a special little girl in your life.

This flower is very easy to make but that is easy for an experienced crocheter to say right? So I thought I would work on a video tutorial that is slow enough for absolute newbies to crochet to try. I really hope you find it useful and can follow along but for those who just want the pattern then please just read on! (^-^)

You will need
- Any yarn you like but I chose some yellow DK/Light worsted weight yarn
- Any hook size that is suitable for the yarn you are using but I chose a 3.5mm crochet hook
- Scissors

Simple Flower

Step 1
ch7, sl st into first ch to form a loop

Step 2
*ch4, 3tr into centre of loop, ch4, sl st into loop* repeat from * to * another 4 times to make 5 petals.

And that is it!

Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more simple flower patterns. (^-^)

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Happy crafting folks!

© HappyBerry This pattern can not be reproduced in any way without credit given to HappyBerry. This includes copying and pasting into another blog or website, and filming the pattern for use on YouTube. You can however print it off for personal use or for use in a crochet group. Thank you.


  1. Thank you for this super simple flower....made one for a purse I made for a little girl and I absolutely love how it looks.....

  2. molto carino questo fiore , brava passa nel mio blog , ciao .


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    1. Thanks! I have mentioned your tutorial on my blog!

  5. Thank- a lovely simple flower pattern for an absolute beginner like me:)

  6. Thanks a lot! I watched like a hundred other videos, but with your I actually made my first flower! Thank you again!

  7. Yes loved it just starting to learn and doing this really slowly and having a flower at the end really helped thanks . Some more really easy ones for starters please

  8. how would you add a second layer of petals to this pattern?

  9. Thank u so much for this simple tutorial.. Made my first crochet flower 😊

  10. Awesome tutorial, so easy to follow. thankyou. this is only my third project but my first on my own and it worked! yay

  11. I had watched other tutorials and could not follow. You took time to be patient with struggling learners and did literal step by step instruction! You rock girl!!!! ��

  12. I want to thank you so much for your help in getting how to crochet a flower. I started classes 4 weeks ago and it just came together last week. When I saw your video your teaching skills were well taken. I am now making flowers because of you. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.