Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Guest Blog by Shireen, Founder of Buddy Companions

I would like to share my experience on how I picked up crochet as a hobby and how it has helped me after a setback in 2012. 

My crochet journey started in 2008 when I was in between jobs.

It so happened that during my job search, there was a crafting fair at the Red Dot Museum in Singapore. I have always enjoyed doing crafts at a very young age, so I went down to the fair with my sister to see what the stalls were selling. Our intention was just to go and take a look. I came across a stall which sold handmade dolls and my first impression was “Wow!” These are really lovely. My dream then was if only I could make these beautiful dolls, then I would be able to set up my own little shop and sell them to kids who would be interested to own them.  I was truly fascinated and intrigued in knowing “how to” learn to make them myself.

I took a name card from the lady mending the stall and we communicated via email. She invited me to go for a crafting club meeting and introduced me to her friend who ran the club and also taught people how to crochet and knit. To cut the story short, I ended up taking a basic course on how to crochet from my current teacher now turned friend, Betsy. I still remember the times when I would have to travel one and a half hours to and another one and a half hours back from my Teacher’s place in Sembawang. My lessons then were conducted in Betsy’s small cosy room turned crafting studio for the students whom Betsy recruited. My very first project was a handphone pouch. After mastering the basic stitches in crochet, I went on to make my very first amigurumi, a baby goat which is my current profile picture. Needless to say, I became addicted to making amigurumies because they were so cute and they were good as gifts.

I am truly grateful that I managed to pick up crochet as a hobby and even master the skill of making amigurumies because never would I realise that this skill would see me through a difficult setback in 2012 and help me to get back up on my feet.

Crochet has indeed helped me come a long way during difficult times.

It has helped me to focus, to take my eyes off my current situation and divert my attention to the project on hand;

It has taught me perseverance on seeing a project from beginning to completion;

It has given me a sense of achievement and accomplishment;

It has enabled me to think of how I could match different yarn colours to beautify my projects and even to add props to beautify my photos. The possibilities of what one can make with just a ball of yarn are truly amazing and endless.

Fast forward seven years and Betsy, my teacher has set up her own small and cosy crochet and knit café at Bugis Cube whereas for myself, I would like to believe that I have perfected my crocheting skills in making my amigurumi dolls. I have taken part in a few competitions and some if not all of my creations have won me patterns which I am proud of:

My Red Riding Hood Doll was picked and had special mention as one of their favourite pictures in the video made by Stitch Craft Create UK,

My two bunnies in their carrot homes have won me a free pattern from a site selling patterns, kids’ hats and clothing for the little ones and last but not least and my entry for “Sofia the Ladybug girl loves ladybugs” came in first in Little Yarn Friends crochet along competition held in 2014.

Looking back, I would say that I am proud of what I have managed to achieve in my crochet journey and I have come to the realisation that it wasn’t so much a “job” I was searching for but rather a direction to something which I could be good at and excel in, something which could fill a void and a sense of emptiness which I felt deep within.

What prompted me to write this post is that I finally realised that more than realising my dream of opening a shop to sell things is the beauty derived from my own creations that blesses my heart and puts a smile on other people’s faces too. Just like life is a journey, crafting and creating is a journey too and I believe that I would never have come this far without the support and encouragement given to me by some sweet friends and family members.

The versatility of crochet stitches just keeps me on the learning journey and I hope to be able to write up with my own patterns someday.

I am indeed grateful that I have mastered such a useful skill and I hope that what I have shared would bless someone else’s heart or even encourage someone to pick up the skill.

I have set up a Facebook page to post all my creations there. You are all welcome to visit my page at:

With lots of love,
Founder of Buddy Companions (Facebook Page)

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