Sunday, 14 January 2018

Yarn Subscription Boxes and HappyBerry Hampers

Over the last few months I have been lucky enough to receive a few different yarn subscription boxes to review and they have all been a delight to open, and I have done a fair few unboxing videos in that time. I hope it has inspired you to try something new, but today I wanted to share with a final few monthly yarn subscription boxes that I love before I introduce to you something extra special that may be coming your way very soon. Read on!

So firstly I want to share with you some of my favourite monthly yarn subscription boxes and talk about what makes them unique, the good and the bad (if I have to be picky), starting with;

Happy Yarn Mail

Frequency: Monthly
Cost: $19.95 (£15 approx)
Origin: America
Shipping: Worldwide, FREE to US
Dispatched: 25th & 30th of every month
Type and Theme: Crochet Package
Positives: Hard copy pattern plus video tutorial
Negatives: No added extras

What I love about Happy Yarn Mail the most is that it is by the lovely Ashleigh, who is a blogger and crochet designer behind the Sewrella blog. She has introduced a monthly yarn subscription package that includes one of her own exclusive crochet patterns and all the yarn you need to get started. It is more of a kit than anything else so has no added extras, but you certainly get enough yarn to make the pattern. (If the pattern includes extras like eyes and material that is also included). What is great about this subscription is that if you find it hard to read patterns, it comes with a video tutorial to back it up from Ashleigh herself. The pattern also comes as a hard copy so no need to go online if you don't want to!

Find out more at and receive 10% off by using coupon code HAPPYBERRY


Frequency: Monthly
Cost: From $19.95 up to $34.99 (£15 to £25 approx)
Origin: America
Shipping: Worldwide $4.95
Dispatched: Every month
Type and Theme: Primarily Knitting
Positives: Lots of premium yarns
Negatives: Internet access required for patterns, limited crochet

KnitCrate offer 4 different subscription packages or boxes, the first is their standard package, sadly the only one that includes a crochet pattern. This comes with 1 knitting
pattern and 1 crochet pattern and all the yarn you need to make either one, so you would probably have to choose your favourite. This package comes with no added extras, but the yarn is some of the best I have received. What I like about KnitCrate is that you get access to a lot of premium hand-dyed yarns that would be very difficult to get hold of in the UK.

Their second subscription is for their Artisan Crate (pictured above). This package has no crochet, but instead comes with 2 knitting patterns. The yarns again are gorgeous and you do get an added extra, in this case the Wheat Printed Project Bag as seen underneath. This package is more expensive as you can imagine, but is more fun to receive, if you like knitting that is!

Their next subscription is again a knitting one and is for sock lovers. Slightly cheaper than their standard subscription but only contains 1 sock knitting pattern. It does however come with an added extra! It also of course comes with all the yarn you need to make your socks.

Their last subscription is just for a sock yarn, so no patterns. You receive 1 hand-dyed premium fingering weight yarn from their in-house brand, Knitologie that comes in a limited edition colorway.

YARN CRUSH BOX - September
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Yarn Crush

Frequency: Monthly
Cost: From $26.99 or $32.99 (£20 to £25 approx)
Origin: America
Shipping: Worldwide Shipping Costs
Dispatched: YC: 22nd of each month/SC: 5th of each month
Type and Theme: Knitting & Crochet
Positives: Premium hand-dyed yarns, extras and hard copy patterns
Negatives: Primarily knitting based


Yarn Crush has 2 subscription boxes, their first is their Yarn Crush box, which contains 2 patterns, 1 knitting and 1 crochet and the yarn to make either one so again you may have to choose your favourite. This is fun if you love to knit and crochet, but you only get 1 skein of yarn in this box, that said it is a premium hand-dyed yarn with some really unusual textures such as the 100% Tibetan Yak Down in their September box, with very vibrant shades. This box also comes with an added extra that isn't always craft related!

Their second subscription is a knitting one and is their Sock Crush box, slightly cheaper it comes with just the 1 sock knitting pattern and again 1 skein of premium hand-dyed yarn. This box also comes with an added treat!

What I loved the most about Yarn Crush boxes is their packaging as not only do they come in actual boxes with super cute messages inside, they are very colourful and fun to receive on a dull day in the UK!

Find out more at

HappyBerry Hampers

Having received a lot of various subscription boxes over the last year it is hard to choose who is my favourite, but what I have received from you guys is the question as to why I don't have one of my own!

It was something I did actually think about 10 years ago when I first started HappyBerry, but life just got in the way really. I think now I feel more settled and connected to crochet in such a way I feel I can share something exciting like this, so I have been working on something interesting for you guys, and a little different!

I didn't want to bring out just another yarn subscription box, so instead I looked at developing a full-blown hamper of goodness and just crochet goodness at that! that I can put my heart and energy into. The penny dropped over Christmas with yet another message, this time from one of my lovely Instagram followers, of; "Hi Laura any ideas or possibilities of a Happyberry yarn monthly box? As I would definitely be one of the first to sign up", and I realised how much I enjoyed putting together Christmas hampers for my family.

So I would like to introduce to you HappyBerry Hampers! It won't be a monthly hamper, but instead a quarterly hamper, so will be dispatched 4 times a year with seasonal themes for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  This is so I can put the time and effort into producing something amazing. I don't want to rush things out for you each month. I want to be able to take the time to design and put together a real treat for you. It will also be a surprise each season!

Each HappyBerry Crochet Hamper will contain (without giving too much away):

- One substantial exclusive crochet project with all the yarn and materials to make it. This will come as a hard copy written pattern that you can read straight away, so no internet access required, but you will also be able to access it online as a PDF if you go away and forget to take it with you on your holidays. It will also come with exclusive video tutorials in case you find it hard to follow written patterns and even a secret way to contact me directly if you have any problems!

- The hamper will also include balls or skeins of yummy scrummy yarn that will hopefully introduce to you something new. Maybe a new texture, or brand, or colourway! This yarn will be more than enough to complete the main project with extra for other projects.

- The hamper will also include all the materials you need for your crochet project, which could include stuffing, zips, material, needles, even crochet hooks so you really don't have to worry about not having the right things to hand. I may introduce to you a new way of crocheting altogether like Tunisian, or Knooking who knows! I'll be gentle at first don't worry.

- The pattern will be aimed at testing beginners so hopefully everyone can enjoy giving it a try, whether you find it easier to read patterns or watch video tutorials. I will also give you options on other things you can make with the pattern to hopefully inspire you and develop you as a crocheter.

- If that wasn't enough already, you will also receive lots of extra treats!! This could include extra mini pattern kits with all the materials to make them, from crochet to cross stitch or material projects or felt ornaments. There could be buttons, craft tools, fabrics, who knows! But you won't be disappointed I'm sure.

- Everything contained in my hampers will have a retail value of approximately £50 with FREE UK shipping and discounted international shipping! You can also opt to subscribe yearly and save 10%.

- Each hamper will be for a season based on our British seasons with a relevant seasonal theme, and will only be available for that season. It will also remain a surprise as to what is contained in the hamper until the next season comes along, so no spoilers here or on social media! A real surprise treat.

Subscription slots and purchases are limited as every hamper is lovingly made to order, so do make sure you don't miss out! If you sadly do however, don't despair as a waiting list is in place so you can be the first to know if extra slots become available.

So much love will go into my hampers that I hope you will be excited as I am!

The first hamper has now launched for Spring. You can subscribe here!

So for now, thanks for reading this far and I look forward to sharing with you some more crochet, crafting fun!