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Craft and Yarn Stores in Japan

As of March 2018!

If you've been following me on Instagram you will hopefully have been following my crafty escapades in Japan throughout March! and hearing all about the lovely craft stores I managed to visit in Tokyo, Kamakura and Nagoya.

It's been a couple of years since I've been back to Japan and a few things have changed. Sadly one of my favourite stores in Shinjuku has closed called Yuzawaya, which used to be in the Takashimaya department store just up for the main JR train station, it was a huge store, but the company itself continues and I managed to visit one of their stores in Nagoya. There is apparently one in Kichijoji too above the station, but I didn't get time to go back there and find out sadly. That said, there is a Tokyo Hands store in the Takashimaya department store in Shinjuku, which has a very tiny craft section. I wouldn't go out of your way to visit here though, unless you want to pick up some stationary, paper crafts or games, as the selection was very small and was limited to various findings and tools really. It did have a very good leather tool section though.

So as of March 2018, these are the stores I visited in Japan! I hope you find this information useful if you too plan a visit to Japan. So let's start with...

Yuzawaya store in Nagoya
栄スカイル6F (Japanese)
Instagram: @yuzawaya_hobby
Great for: Yarn, Books, Fabric, Buttons and more

I only had a few days in Nagoya so sadly I only had time to visit this store before heading back to Tokyo, but it was a lovely little store and has everything you need. This store is only a small store as part of a larger department store called the Skyle Shopping Centre, it is just a short walk North East of the Nagoya Science Museum if you plan to visit there. The store is on the 6th floor and has everything from fabric to buttons, trimmings and craft books. It also had some discounted fabrics here in various sizes and I managed to pick up some cute Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashi quilted fabrics here! They also had a good selection of Applemints crochet books. There are however lots of Yuzawaya stores throughout Japan and Tokyo too so it is worth checking their map on their website to find out where their other stores are located.

Kamakura Kyu Q in Kamakura 

神奈川県 鎌倉市 御成町 2-16 (Japanese)
Instagram: @kamakuraqq
Great for: Hand-dyed Yarns, Buttons and Workshops

I actually found this adorable little store by chance as I was walking south to the beach through the old part of this pretty seaside town famous for its giant Buddha statue. Run by a lovely lady, all their yarn is hand-dyed locally in Kamakura, with "the climate, temperature, humidity, all giving a slightly different texture to the shade." Since following them on Instagram I've also discovered that they hold various workshops throughout the year on an irregular basis that are for all levels who want to hone their skills. Definitely worth a visit if you're planning a beach trip!

Avril in Kichijoji, Tokyo
2-34-10 Kichijoji Hon-cho, Musashino-shi, TOKYO 180-0004 (Japanese/English)
Instagram: @avril_kichijoji
Great for: Yarn, Ribbons, Trimmings and Workshops

I absolutely adored this shop. I specifically wanted to visit this store because I had heard some great reviews about their yarns and I was not disappointed. Just a short walk from the main JR train station, this store could easily be forgotten as it it down a quiet back street away from the hustle and bustle, but it is worth investigating. From floor to ceiling this little yarn store is filled with speciality yarns

from cottons to silks, to bamboo to hemp, in large reels. Just pick up a reel and ask for how much you need and the lovely staff there will spin it up for you there and then into balls. They also sell the most exquisite trimmings and ribbons, as well as small kits if you can't carry too much or want a gift (for yourself of course!). They also run regular workshops in knitting, weaving and felting. I couldn't choose what to buy! I was in there for a while. Avril actually have a few stores throughout Japan, so if you can't make it to Tokyo you can also find stores in Kyoto and Osaka.

Kichijoji is also home to a lot of other yarn and crafty stores so do take the time to investigate and look around, and up!

Tomato in Nippori, Tokyo (Fabric Town)
6 Chome-44-6 Higashinippori, Arakawa, Tokyo 116-0014 (Japanese)
Instagram: Unknown
Great for: Fabric and lots of it!

Where to begin with this store and fabric town in general. Again, just a short walk East from the main Nippori metro station in Tokyo this store is one of many in this area, which is often referred to as Fabric Town or Textile Town as the whole street is given up to fabric stores of varying degrees. Tomato is probably the largest fabric store here, and is actually made up of a few stores on either side of the road. I went into two of their stores, but the one of the north side of the road (or left if coming from the station) was bigger and better, and also had a lot of fabric on sale! The store was very busy, and sadly I didn't find anything interesting enough in the 100 yen sale bins, (yes 100 yen a metre!! that's about 70p or 90 cents!), but I did find some adorable cute onigiri panda fabric for only 250 yen a metre. I also picked up some beautiful blossom floral fabric. If you plan to buy a lot then come early and grab a small cart as you will have to carry the rolls to the counter for cutting. They pass it back with a sticker and you pay to the side. Also make sure you pay on each level. I could have spent a fortune in here, but it was just too busy. It is very popular!

Okadaya in Shinjuku, Tokyo
新宿区新宿3-23-17 (Japanese)
Instagram: @okadayashinjuku_concierge
Great for: Yarn, Buttons, Fabric and Books

Okadaya is one of my favourite stores to visit as they are always so friendly in there and is just a short walk north of the train station at Shinjuku. This store is actually made up of two stores, the smaller side store to the right is for fabric and the main bigger building has everything else really. When you first go in it looks more like a cosplay make-up store, but if you head upstairs to the different floors you will find everything from yarn to buttons, to ribbons to books. They have a great selection of knitting and crocheting books on the 5th floor. It's a small store otherwise, just over lots of levels, but it is packed with crafts. It has a button for every occasion and every size! I picked up some blossom buttons as it was blossom season of course, and a couple of crochet books. I could have bought more for sure, but I had to be strong! You will also find some familiar yarn brands here, as well as Japanese yarns.

So that is it for now, this list is certainly not exhaustive by any means as Tokyo and Japan has a lot of yarn, fabric and craft stores all over. I think it is wonderful haven for the crafting enthusiast whether you're into sewing, knitting or crocheting, leather making, paper crafts, needle felting or even pom pom making. You will definitely find an abundance of stores all over Japan, but I hope this gives you a head start if you're planning a crafty trip to Tokyo and Japan in general sometime soon. Happy crafting!

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